This website is designed to introduce a magnificent development in predicting soft biometrics from only fingerprints in 76 languages with Google Translator support. Moreover, this website shares the recent results of this fascinating project with the other researchers all over the world.

The results so far we achieved have shown that different soft biometric informations can be generated from only fingerprints without having any information about soft biometric identities. The contributions of this study to the literature are to prove experimentally that:

1. there are relationships among biometric features such as gender, age, stature etc. and fingerprints.
2. an individual soft biometric information can be achieved from only its fingerprint.

In order to convince you, test (LiveTest) is available for your perception in the website.

LiveTest: There are two ways for testing.

1- Please visit “LiveTest” link on the right menu. After clicking the pointed menu you will be able to reach the web service. Please scan your fingerprint and send us through provided web interface. After sending your fingerprint your soft biometric informations will be email to you automatically via available web service. Your fingerprints or soft biometric informations are not saved in the system unless you accept to support the study.

2- Or please signup to the website and then login to your account. After you login your account, you can see live test module below the main menu. 

Results of your testing will be sent automatically. If it didn't come to you in a short time, please feel free to inform us via contact menu.

Please also read our articles available in the literature (please click the link "Publications" on the right menu) to see more explanations and results about this project.

Please support this project by sending your fingerprints/faces and also send us your opinion about our project via "Feedback" button at the right menu.

Thanks for your collaborations.


Fingerprint2SoftBiometrics Research Group